A Few Mental Tricks for Perseverance and Tranquility

A Few Mental Tricks for Perseverance and Calm

Getting caught up in our day is something that happens to everyone. Some people have a coolness under pressure and can withstand the daily grind with grace. Body posture can have an effect on the mind, and so can mental posture.

Notice where in your head the focus of your consciousness is. Mine tends towards the middle front of my head. You can play around with it and move it elsewhere and it can have some interesting effects. Shifting it forward happens in concentration and heavy mental lifting. Forward is the area of fight or flight, and also where we start talking to ourselves and wallow around in depression, if you aren’t careful extended forward mental focus can be like slumped shoulders and signal your body it is under siege.

Shifting it to the back of your head helps with perception and relaxation. You will feel more in control and equanimous. It is a great spot to set as your base, especially in our stressful world. For a centering and clearing sensation you can try squeezing your consciousness to the periphery of your head and let it swirl around all over from there, even down into your body and outside of it.

You can pair this with a smile, and keeping your eyes in the upper half of the sockets. They don’t have to be all the way up, though play around with it. Keeping your gaze just above half way usually with luck and practice generates an uplifting feeling in your mood and spirits. It is a great way to empower yourself and a nifty way to work yourself into a trance. Allow the use of your whole peripheral sight too, not just a narrow focus. As part of an overall relaxed, confident, open body posture and mindset keeping your focus reigned back can help you keep a calm place in the storm of your day. This is the nature of being grounded, you can take the emotional charge of the area, and let it pass through you, resulting in a calmer more balanced state. This has the benefit of being perennially attractive to people, it is uncommon after all in our era for people to field such a feat.

The next trick is engaging our imaginations a bit. Pending on your disposition you can imagine yourself as a puppet, or in the embrace of an angel, or the clutches of a demon. Your energy is coming from a higher force, you can feel it pulsing and writhing through you.

In the worse times you can perform a bit of legerdemain and rationalize your problems as good. Rejoice in your agony and misery you wretch, it is your lot to suffer. The pain you feel is justice, you allowed your ego to grow beyond your worth. You are being cleansed of the pernicious false entitlements. Don’t try to turn away or escape it but face it and take it in, experience it to the full breadth and magnitude possible. I like to imagine myself as a product of necromantic reanimation, conjured into a miserable world for the express purpose of doing the bidding of other higher entities with no consideration for myself. (Enjoy that bit of catharsis as you realize just how close to reality that is for so many people!)

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Often we are subconsciously haunted by clutter and neglected low hanging fruit. Disorganized surroundings tend to reflect a disorganized mind, and a quick clean up will give not only the benefit of knowing where things are, but counts as a small victory in your day to give you positive inertia towards your goals and desired outcomes. Similarly leaving easy quick tasks undone has a way of nagging in your mind that will only serve to undermine your efforts in other areas. If perforce you can’t address it immediately at least write down a reminder to do so later, because even worse than failing to head off a quick problem is having it sneak around behind you to pounce later.

Avoid at all costs sabotaging your work out of a sense of revenge. This will only metastasize into poison in other aspects of your day, you will know that you didn’t do your best, and this will hurt you far more than your employer or customer. You’ll be entrenched and defensive, never a good position to be in. Doing the opposite will have the benefits however. The inner pride of forging quality in averse circumstances is unrivaled, and in time your actions may build up in the immediate environment you frequent, and even as you grow accustomed to the unpleasantries, they may diminish. This is that precious gift of the presence and aura of a hero. You can become the decisive factor upon which the work revolves.


The art and judgment is in discerning when and where to stand and develop, or if your resources are better saved for other projects and it would be better to move on. Good books have been written on that, but it mostly comes down to your call. If it seems likely to be productive, then proceed and hang tough. Err on the side of fickleness too long and you will blow through life on the wind, but the other end of the spectrum is getting into a rut, waking up one day realizing the world has long since left you behind, and you inhabit a life utterly alien to what you dreamed of. There will always be trade offs, your inner values will point the way you want to go.