Till your deserts, Embellish your graves

1 century ago now one of mankind’s most blood soaked endeavors was in full swing. The past year I’d kept waiting for stories on World War 1, and other than Dan Carlin’s epic “Blueprint for Armageddon” I encountered precisely nothing on the subject in any form of media. A day by day remembrance of events and battles 100 years later seems like it would have been an awesome idea. Maybe the end of an era or the blatantly senseless loss and emptiness of sacrifice for king and country is a little too somber right now. Gallant French Dragoons charging the enemy only to be liquefied by a cloud of bullets, their remains never to be properly buried because the very landscape would soon become a veritable vision of hell on Earth. Hard to propagandize that.

And yet as 2015 starts up, the propaganda and rhetoric is hot and heavy. Unrest is seething and calls to action are simmering up from even the usually circumspect voices of our time (such as they are). As yet it is a general sense of resentment and broad hostility that hasn’t yet coalesced around a central issue, though race in America and Islam in Europe seem poised to be the front contenders as the catalysts of an impending bloodbath.

Soon a grand cause will be found, perhaps you already have a few of your own favorites, for which it will be rationalized that violent action must be taken, to expel evil, or to protect good.

On one side we have movements like Inconvenient Truth Environmentalism where anti-fracking signs adorn pickup trucks, apparently with no sense of irony. I was invited to a green party once where parking in the entire small town was full, and everyone in attendance was decidedly against fossil fuel use, even those who charted a bus from NYC which was well over 100 miles away. Myself included, though no one else seemed to share my humor about it.

The manosphere is rife with high caliber people who have life all but figured out and are living better than any other lifeforms in the history of existence. Meaningful work with very high rates on return, low overhead, free time and security, all in abundance. Yet there is a contingent who are hellbent on taking that treasure and squandering it on social warfare with dregs.

Proclamations that others start living a way that you deem acceptable, whether from an ivory tower or from the sewers, will fall flat, whether you are living your code or not. The Russians are credited with a saying “They can’t kill us all” which I’d add the corollary “We can’t kill all of them”.

I have no delusions that we will “all just get along”. Solidarity and group identity do have their appeal and merits. We live on a manifestly overpopulated planet, and brutal conflict on many levels is going to be one of the primary, veteran agents of catabolism and balancing out of that condition. At least we won’t go full on Idiocracy.

Look around your local environs. Know yourself, specifically are you going to be a combatant in the coming conflicts? Do you hear the call? If you do and are located in a tame backwater, or if you don’t and live in a pressure cooker, I’d humbly suggest to you an appropriate change of scenery, post haste. The conflicts will almost certainly be impossible to totally avoid, and just as surely, in due course they will cool and peace and stasis will resume for a time. The active tire themselves out, and the lethargic grow bored and restless.


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